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Windows 10/8/7/Vista

i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder Professional saves any sounds you hear on your computer directly into audio files. Yes! If you can hear audio, you can record it into MP3, OGG, WAV or WMA files quickly and easily! WMA MP3 Recorder allows you to record audio without running out of memory as long as there's enough disk space. WMA MP3 Recorder have a simple and intuitive skinnable interface that will satisfy beginners and professionals.

Looking for multi-channel audio logging software for Windows?  Take a look on Abyssmedia Multi-channel sound recorder. it allows you to record up to 32 audio channels on a single PC in non-stop or VOX mode.

By using WMA MP3 Recorder you can record sounds from MIDI, Internet broadcasts, streaming media (e.g. QuickTime Player, Realplayer, Games, DVD Players...) and your microphone. The default recording mode for MP3 recorder is CD Quality 44khz, 16-bit, crystal clear stereo sound ensuring that you get the highest quality audio recordings possible.

Advanced Recording Scheduler is a very powerful feature of this unique software. It allows you to program as many events as you would like, and allows you to schedule recordings to happen once, every day, or on a fixed date. You never lose your favourite radio-show!

You can suppress noise using Lowpass, Highpass and Notch filters in real-time. All filters highly optimized and uses small CPU time.

VOX (Voice Activation System) is a smart recording system, which means WMA MP3 Recorder has a smart silence detector which detects and skips silent snippets, and stops recording automatically in between sounds. This allows you to set the volume that the sound must reach to begin recording, and the volume at which it should end recording, eliminating dead air when there is no sound. Each track of a cassette or LP can be automatically recorded and saved individually. You can easily convert analog format of your LP records/cassette tapes into digital format. You can read more about VOX settings in "How VOX Works?"

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If you have any comments or concerns about WMA MP3 Recorder, feel free to email us. Your feedback is important to us in order to get an idea of how to make WMA MP3 Recorder a better product for you. Many of WMA MP3 Recorder's features and significant portions of WMA MP3 Recorder's interface have been heavily influenced by comments from users. So if you have a grand idea for a new feature, or a better way of doing something, please drop us a note.

If you don't wish to record MIDI to MP3 in real time and looking for fast MIDI to MP3 converter than take a look on MIDIRenderer.